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Frühling, frame, Blätter, Laub, Ranke, Grüntöne © christine krahl - Fotolia.com

Long empty asphalt road towards sunset sun. © Photocreo Bednarek - Fotolia.com

O`zapft ist! © Christian Jung - Fotolia.com

Polaroid & Wäscheklammer vor Holzhintergrund © jd-photodesign - Fotalia.com

Summer Beach © Catwoman - Fotolia.com

Sunset Biking © lassedesignen - Fotolia.com

Textured dark wood background © Coffeechocolates - Fotolia.com

乾杯 © taa22 - stock.adobe.com

People resting near big bonfire © vbaleha - stock.adobe.com

Group of friends having fun at music festival © WavebreakMediaMicro - stock.adobe.com

Portrait of happy friends on holi color festival © Dasha Petrenko - stock.adobe.com

Woman girlfriend laugh against the sky © kuzmichstudio - stock.adobe.com

Group of teenage friends in the park at sunset © Giorgio Magini - stock.adobe.com

Squadra di canottaggio mista durante una regata © asferico - stock.adobe.com

Trekking on kamchatka © Alex Ishchenko - stock.adobe.com

Group of people party on the beach © Rawpixel.com - stock.adobe.com

Group of young beautiful people make selfie on yacht banner edition © upslim - stock.adobe.com

Group of friends making party on the boat © oneinchpunch - stock.adobe.com

Happy young people taking selfies © nd3000 - stock.adobe.com